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Behind The LOOK bring the hottest topics this 2015.
In my last posts we were talking about brands of color and now we will keep talking about it but let’s see what about the fashion industry. I would like to say what thinking top models such as Naomi Campbell and Iman. According to them the lack of racial diversity in the fashion industry is a serious problem that need to be fix it, the absence of people of color on the runways and photography help that girls of color think that they are not beautiful enough and acceptable. They also mention that the diversity that we have in the world has not show on the runways. The models, how we see are also aware about the problem and last year November 2013 Naomi Campbell and Iman launched a campaign to raise awareness of racism in the industry.

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“Fashion icons Iman and Naomi Campbell say industry racism is rampant”

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Campaigns of color

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In our last posts we have been talking about models, brands or campaigns of color, that’s why this post is specially dedicated to this and now I’m bringing some campaigns with models of color that promotes top fashion brands. Check this out!!

Phillip Plein


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.38.14 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.38.32 AM

Alexander Wang


Tom Ford




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Brand of color * BENETTON

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Let’s keep talking about brands of color.
As we know the Italian global fashion brand Benetton is one of the most popular brands that works to promote the union of races. The company was founded in 1965 by Benetton family with already 40 years in the market. Nowadays the brand has around 6.000 stores in the international markets, 10.000 employees. The brand sponsorship sports and has the famous and original publicity campaign ” United colors”.

Following I invite you to see some of their photo campaigns.










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ETHNIC MODELS *Models of color

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Behind The LOOK brings a really interesting topic for this upcoming posts. We are going to mention and talk about designers, brands and models of color. In the most of the runways white models are the favorites for the most luxuries brands and fashion designers, thousands of models being modeling each year catwalks and just 20% are women of color approximately. Black models represent 8%, Asian models 10% and Latino models with just 2%. Some designers affirm they like to use a model that won’t upstage the clothes.
Exist some agencies and campaigns such as “models of diversity” that advocates for more diversity models and recognized the beauty in women the all race. Let’s check some ethnic models.

Nina @ Profile photographed by John Wright



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Designer of color * Oscar de la Renta

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Now in Behind The LOOK let’s brings some designers of color. Oscar de la Renta as we know was one of the top designer around the world was a Dominican American Fashion designer, born in Santo Domingo and because of his classic and gorgeous dresses he had the place where he were one of the couturiers who designed for Jacqueline Kennedy and worked for Balmain and Lanvin. Let’s see more about his designs.

MARC0011.1366x2048 MARC0048.1366x2048 MARC0077.1366x2048 MARC0101.1366x2048 MARC0121.1366x2048 MARC0146.1366x2048 MARC0198.1366x2048 MARC0226.1366x2048 MARC0258.1366x2048 MARC0343.1366x2048 MARC0357.1366x2048MARC0410.1366x2048

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Designer of color * Carolina Herrera

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Let’s keep talking about designers of color. Carolina Herrera the American Venezuelan designer known for her style and the highly respect for her creations has been dressing celebrities such as Camilla Belle, Amy Adams, Jessica Alba and Jacqueline Kennedy. She has featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. Is consider her one of the top designer nowadays and we cannot miss her collections. Check this out! Spring 2015 ready to wear!

LUX_0019 LUX_0028 LUX_0046 LUX_0148 LUX_0199 LUX_0285 LUX_0326 LUX_0379 LUX_0430 LUX_0490

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Let’s talk about cosmetics and makeup and let’s mention the founder of “TheBalm” company that produce cosmetics boasts and line of makeup, hair care, skin care, and nail polish. I wanted to bring this brand because I really think has an unique concept design in their products, thee package look like a comic book and bring little texts is really fun and different. Marissa Shipman is the girl Behind this brand and she started buying books she bought on Amazon on how to make makeup and started mixing in her kitchen, integrating anti-aging ingredients, triple-milled pigments, fabulous scents. that’s when I said if you have passion to do something you can do it. Marissa while she was making the products she hired a chemist, designed the website incorporate the company and worked out a budget. And the Balm was created!


Let’s see some of the products.







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Philip Kingsley***

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Before start Behind The LOOK want to wish you a happy new year 2015!!

 Let’s start our blog talking about a recognized hair stylist, shampoo and conditioner maker. The “hair guru” named by The New York Times, ” The hair wizard” by Vogue and “the hair doctor” by the Sunday Times. Philip Kingsley an English man after worked at his uncle’s hairdressing saloon when he was just 16 years old discovered his passion for hair. Philip qualified as a trichologist in 1953. Kingsley has worked his way to become, whom many consider today the best after many of his scientific papers and dermatological studies has been published so I could say we can be sure to use and try his products including treatments, shampoos, conditioner, styling, brushes and also his line for kids.

Check this out!!



Scalp Toner


Scalp Toner


Pk4 Hair


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Oscar Blandi*** Hair styles

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Now in Behind the LOOK Is time for Hair stylist, and this post is specially dedicated to an Italian called Oscar Blandi one of the most famous and recognized hair stylist who has been working with Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa, Faith Hill and more celebrities. Blandi began his career at fourteen years old working in his father’s salon. Oscar moved to United States and was there where he opened his own salon in the Plaza Hotel on Madison Avenue in 2009 and his team has around 30 stylist.

Let’s see some of his hair styles






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