Designer of color * Oscar de la Renta

Hey everyone!

Now in Behind The LOOK let’s brings some designers of color. Oscar de la Renta as we know was one of the top designer around the world was a Dominican American Fashion designer, born in Santo Domingo and because of his classic and gorgeous dresses he had the place where he were one of the couturiers who designed for Jacqueline Kennedy and worked for Balmain and Lanvin. Let’s see more about his designs.

MARC0011.1366x2048 MARC0048.1366x2048 MARC0077.1366x2048 MARC0101.1366x2048 MARC0121.1366x2048 MARC0146.1366x2048 MARC0198.1366x2048 MARC0226.1366x2048 MARC0258.1366x2048 MARC0343.1366x2048 MARC0357.1366x2048MARC0410.1366x2048

Photo credit:

By Irochka


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