Hey girls!

In this post we are going to mention a cosmetic brand called e.l.f founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004.
The brand has been growing with the time and people are looking their products more and more.
Originally the company started with only 13 makeup products, but has since developed more than 300 products were launched.
e.l.f has different kind of products that make you feel secure and help you taking care of your skin including products such as bath products, skin-care products, professional tools, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses, blushes, bronzers, brushes, and more.
The company has three different product lines.

e.l.f studio
This line includes professional make up for professional makeup artist.

83181_180pxnew_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83261_180pxnew_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83314_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83332_spf-45-powder_mainimg 83407_a_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83722_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83801_complperfect_deptimg 85023_180px_new_deptImg.jpg._deptImg

e.l.f minerals
This line consist in make up made it with natural minerals.


6581_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 6592_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg

e.l.f essential
This line includes makeup supplies at lower prices “affordable”

1201_180px_new_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 3105_180px_new_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 8004_180px_new_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 9018_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 22115_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg22134_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 22148_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg3323_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg

Let’s give a chance to this new brand!!

Photo credit: www.eyeslipsface.com.



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