Women of Color Spotlight: Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter

Hello Everyone!!!


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Today, I want to try something a little different for this installment of Behind the LOOK. During the last couple of months, there has been a large amount of coverage of popular designers and celebrities. However, today we are going to highlight the powerful, up and coming young men and women of color who are working hard to move up the ranks of beauty and fashion. Today, let’s talk about Lisa Price, CEO and founder of Carol’s daughter.


Photo: Here

Carol’s Daughter is a natural beauty product brand that sells skin care, hair care and beauty products that are marketed to women of color. The company was started by Lisa Price, who went from mixing fragrances in her bedroom to building a beauty empire.


Photo: Here

From brown sugar body scrub to the ever popular Hair Milk, Carol’s Daughter has become a staple beauty brand in the world of African American beauty products. Lisa Price is truly an inspirational figure due to her perseverance, intelligence and ability to open such an important avenue in the market for women of all color.

Written by Naa at Adolescent Chic


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