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Today in Behind the LOOK we are bringing the most influential person in Fashion. Anna Wintour is the English editor in Chief of American Vogue. She has been in that position since 1988 and she became artistic director for Conde Nast, Vogue publisher. She started her Fashion career as an editorial assistant for Harper’s Bazaar UK.
Anna has have the most powerful opinion in Fashion. She attends to the most important Fashion weeks around the world such as NY, Paris and London Fashion week. Following 5 things you don’t know about Anna Wintour.

The Devil Wears Prada Novel written by Lauren Weisberger, wintour personal assistant is inspired in her.

CROP hons anna wintour

Wintour’s first US Vogue Cover


Anna Wintour is a supporter of the Obama administration


Anna Wintour is punctual – often early


Bee Schaffer, her daughter affirm that Anna Wintour is the most generous person you will ever meet


Anna has the same hair style sine she was 14 years old


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