Blanket coats are in furor!!

Hey everyone!

This post is specially dedicated to the most fashionable cloth which is in furor nowadays and the most fashionable people, designers and brands are proposing it. The blanket coat, how the name says looks like a blanket but I recommend get one, it really looks with style and super fashionable. You can find it in any color with different styles and is perfect for people who are in cold cities . Let’s see this unique cloth and how we can wear it.

blanket-coat-70s-asos-518x1024 blanket-coats-new-fashion-style-trend-must-have-this-seasson-accessorie-12 blanket-coats-new-fashion-style-trend-must-have-this-seasson-accessorie-18 detailnew stellamccartney tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-2 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-4 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-5 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-6 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-7 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-8  tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-10 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-11 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada-12 tendencia-abrigo-estilo-frazada Untitled-3

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By Irochka


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