Beauty tips***

Hey girls!!

This post goes to women who wants to make her face and body Look better. I will give you some tips you can have in mind if you want to feel good with yourself.

*Diary maintenance to feel and look better.


Make your hair shine

To get a shine hair, after finish your shower, wash your hair for 10 seconds with cold water and that makes your hair shiny and soft.


Rested eyes

After a long work day or a week, a great tip is to make black tea. Use two tea bags and leave drying up bags and leave in your eyes around 10 min to prevent swelling on eyes.
You can also use chamomile tea for soothing effects.

tips-sencillos-para-verte-mejor 3

Soft lips

After the routine of the day, your lips can be dry, hard and cracked. To bring the softness and moisturize your lips the exfoliation is the best option.


Good posture

The posture of your body directly influence the stress. A good advice in this case is to put an alarm and when it sound you will correct your posture. A good posture let give more oxygen to the body.


Toned body

This is the most important tip. Workout will give you mental, emotional and fiscal health and help you to feel secure with your body.


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By Irochka


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