Leather skirts!!

Hey girls!!

In this post let’s talk about leather skirts which are in furor and a lot of Fashion designers and the hottest brands are proposing them. I’ve seen fashionable people in capitals of this grand industry wearing them. This is a great clothe, very elegant and classy, but many people have asked how to wear them, that’s why this post goes directly to people who wants to try different types of leather skirts but sometimes don’t know how to combine it. You can mix it with any types of clothes, depend of the style you want. Leather skirt has this advantage is easy to combine and versatile in order you can wear it with any fabric and make outfits from classic styles, sporty style, rock style and any choice you can imagine.
Following are some options you can use and try with leather skirts.

020ef619c637b5cd29b59675c56115ee barbara_martelo_nymag blumarine-spring-2014-23 camilleovertherainbow candicelake hbz-street-style-lfw14-day3-014-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day3-019-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day3-020-de-sm laza-skirt-2 leather-skirt-1 leather-skirt-2 Military-Outfit-Idea-for-Spring-2014-military-sweater mlovesm modaporter modern-legacy romanticdramaqueen

Photo credit: time-for-fashion.blogs.elle.es, heatherneisworth.com, prettydesigns.com, bowandpearl.wordpress.com, harpersbazaar.com

By Irochka


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