Beauty tips!!

Hey girls!!

Hope all of you are having a great Tuesday. Today in Behind The LOOK I’m bringing some beauty tips you can do yourself.
When we finish the products and we don’t have more and is difficult to get other ones at the moment, in that cases DIY is the best option.
Many people believe that this natural way to take care of ourselves is the best option and it is true that is cheaper. Following are the tops beauty tips you can do it in your house.

Facial treatments
Exist a lot of recipes to do this masks. It will make your skin soft and will help to prevent lines expressions. You can do it with Greek yogurt or honey. Or with avocado.


Make up remover
You can do it with cotton and coco oil and will hydrate your skin. You can do it also for your hair.


Keep skin firm

Nothing better than rice water which brings vitamins and minerals and help to reduce pores.


Hydrate and refresh your skin
You can prepare moisturizing lotion and refreshing.
Just need a pair of cucumber slices, bouquets of lavender, and mint leaves. Use all of those in a spray bottle with water and when you need hydrate your skin just sprayed on your skin.


Eliminate eyes bags
This is the easiest one, you just need cucumber slices and leave it in your eyes about 20 minutes.


Photo credit:

By Irochka


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