let’s protect from winter!!

Hey people!

Today in Behind the LOOK let’s bring to our table some tips you could have in mind to protect yourself from wind and cold. As we know winter is already here but it will be colder so nothing bad receiving some advices to protect yourself and be prepared to enjoy this great and beautiful season but taking care of ourselves. Is common in this season that people don’t want to be outside because is extremely cold but if we have the appropriate protection nothing is going to happen and we will enjoy this time. There are a lot of accessories you can wear and be fashionable and protect yourself at the same time. Following are some pieces you cannot miss in your wardrobe in winter time.

Hats for winter

hat-trends-fur-hats-2 hat-trends-fur-hats-1 hat-trends-cloche-hats-1 Head Scarf for Girls Winter Fashion photo 2013 05

Gloves for winter

guantes-color guantes-de-cuero-classic guantes-de-lana guantos-con-aplicaciones

Shoes and boots

hbz-accessory-trends-fw2014-wedges-Coach-lg hbz-accessory-trends-fw2014-shearling-coach-01-lg boots-2013-winterkey-boot-trends-for-fall-winter-2012-2013-fashion-inspo-pbngddun


fall_winter_2014_2015_accessory_trends_fur_scarves Womens-Fashion-Trends-For-Fall-Winter-2013-2014-3 womens-fashion-scarves-trends-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-3

Photo credit: newworldfashiontrends.blogspot.com, nescafe.cl, fashionisers.com, thebestfashionblog.com, millionlooks.com, bstylish.info, fashionfaz.com

By Irochka


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