Denim with personality***

Hey everyone!

Let’s talk about denim. As we know denim are one of the most cool fabric and cloth for not say the most coolest. I consider denim a relax choice in order that you already have it in your closet and you don’t have to think very much in the moment you need to dress. We all know jeans are a basic nowadays and we can combine it with everything just depend of the occasion, you really can make any style with a classic jeans or shorts, but recently i’ve seen in the Fashion capitals and fashionable people including stylist and celebrities wearing jeans and shorts with personality and is very common to see in the street embroidery denim. That’s why I’m going to show you this new trend.

I invite you to think about this new trend and buy some of those denim pieces and maybe you can personalize it yourself with your own styles. In most of the cases this trend brings threaded flowers with many colors, geometric forms and natural concept or universe styles and pictures like moons, stars and sun. Let’s take a look…

5b7ff6e7ccc8e9dda0eb9d7addf2144f 8d01b9e36360dcffa90a14b3ce3fa2d6 77d1dbe7a2242ec46db675c3dc5ed7c5 2014-New-Jeans-Women-National-Trend-Women-s-Autumn-Slim-Wearing-Fashion-Flower-Embroidery-Denim-Trousers 023561cb16cf9323820a5b390a28c816 a8abe293d8a6ad8eccc81b35aec0f359 diamond-studded-jeans-10k-key-closet-1-thumb e0a09e6ee088527f9d4f691a4ac456b8 fc69c157fe815fafc8273dc467c8de24 outfit-grey-embroidered-jeans-acne-alma-boots-710x1065

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By Irochka


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