Where to go when you want to buy unique and special presents***

Hey everyone!

As we know Christmas season is around the corner and a lot people are already thinking in presents for family, friends and colleges and of course for yourself. I think we are getting tired to go and have the same experience buying in the same places and the same brands. I consider Christmas presents have something super special because the are truly a surprise so why not keeping this surprise mood and giving something that no one would ever imagine. That’s why this post is dedicated to people who want to surprise. On the other hand I recommend different but great places such as Dumbo, Brooklyn, east Harlem ” The Harlem Renaissance” and St Mark’s place in which you can find brands and designers you can consider when it comes to buy presents and give something special and unique.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

halcyon-sign-shops-stores-dumbo-brooklyn-new-york-city-branding-logos-music-exterior-design-1 Brooklyn_01 dumbo

St Mark’s place

12-300x225 800px-St._Marks_Place ST.-MARKS-PLACE-NYC-e1276539023602

 The Harlem Renaissance


                              Credit: wikipedia.org, cityist.com, mrchocolate.com, freetoursbyfoot.com. elegran.com

By Irochka


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