Men essentials

Hey guys!!

Our last post was outstanding. So in honor of men let’s continue talking and finding the best options in Fashion trends and help them keep living in this great industry. We have space for everyone. And Fashion gives a lot of possibilities, so the only thing you can do is get in and enjoy your own style making combinations and variations how you want. That’s why in this post let’s discuss the men essentials. As we know, we are free to decide what to wear, but there is nothing bad if we receive some advices in what you can not miss in your wardrobe.

As a first tip, you can not miss a classic pair of jeans, there are a lot types of it but I recommended some blue navy you can use in most the cases and are easy to combine. Secondly a black leather jacket is essential for any moments. A cardigan in random color. A blazer, Black pants. A smart suit and as an accessories I propose a tie and sunglasses. Those are some clothes you can mix with everything, so if you for example don’t have time to think what to wear, you won’t miss yourself thinking, if you have all of those options you can finish dressing very fast and get a cool style.

Classis blue jeans

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Leather jacket

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Sweater (cardigan)

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Men-Sunglasses1 sunglasses-for-men Sunglasses-Men



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