Wedding dresses*

Hey girls!!

This post is dedicated to romantic women who still believe in love and who like to dream. It is not a secret that all women wants to get married and have that special day and is not a doubt we have been dreaming and planning that day all life. But to get to this day we need first to find the perfect man and have the ring in the hand and after that we can start dreaming about all the things around the wedding like the place, music, decoration, invitations and more. We all know that one of the first thing we think is about the perfect wedding dress. This post is for women who are compromised and about to realize their dream and also for women who still are not engaged but are waiting for that special moment.

 Let’s check out the latest  spring 2015 trends in wedding dresses. That is a beautiful day and we need to have time to get everything perfect how we want.  Wedding day is just one in the life. That’s why has to be rememberable and detailed and don’t forget that is our day and we are the protagonist. So let’s dream a little and check out those beautiful Pronovias, Vivienne Westwood, Temperley London, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la rent, vera Wang and Jenny Packham wedding dresses.

hbz-best-bridal-oscar-8-lg hbz-best-bridal-oscar-26-lg hbz-best-bridal-spring-2015-JennyPackhamLook-27-lg hbz-best-bridal-spring-2015-VeraWangLook1-lg hbz-best-bridal-spring-2015-VeraWangLook15-lg hbz-best-bridal-spring-2015-VerWangLook16-lg hbz-carolina-herrera-bridal-4-Claudette-lg hbz-carolina-herrera-bridal-24-Catarina-lg hbz-pronovias-runway-02-lg hbz-pronovias-runway-03-lg hbz-pronovias-runway-04-lg hbz-pronovias-runway-05-lg hbz-temperley-010-CRYSTAL-MIRAGE-DRESS-lg hbz-temperley-013-JESSAMINE-DRESS-DOROTHY-VEIL-lg hbz-temperley-016-HONEYSUCKLE-DRESS-IMOGEN-BELT-DOROTHY-VEIL-lg hbz-temperley-017-AMORET-DRESS-lg hbz-vivienne-westwood-01-lg hbz-vivienne-westwood-02-lg hbz-vivienne-westwood-03-lg

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By Irochka


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