***B L A C K for any occasion***

Hey girls!!

Let’s keep talking about colors and in this post I will bring black color. Most of the people prefer this color and have it as their favorite. And is nothing weird, black color fit for any occasion and is perfect to wear in any case. Black color is authoritative and powerful and also sophisticated. You cannot get lost with this color. Black is the easiest, chicest and secure way to get dressed and is super cool. Black pants, black leather jackets and black shoes are never out of style.

Continuing I will show you why black color is the best decision when you want to be fast in the moment where you’re choosing something to wear.

*Never worrying about matching


*It never goes out of style


*It let you experiment with a lot of fabrics


*It masks whether your clothes are expensive or cheap


*It’s figure flattering


*It works for every season

*You can wear wild accessories

*You look mature

trueartsysisters.blogspot.com-Fall Winter 2008-2009.all-black.Jean Paul Gaultier. Chanel. Dior. Moschino. Valentino. Classics

Photo credit: www.fashionisers.com, en.paperblog.com, trueartsysisters.blogspot.com.

By Irochka


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