Hello guys!!

 Let’s continue talking and posting about this upcoming season winter. And in this post I’m bringing the latest trends in hats for men the ” Beanies”  which are in furor and brands like Urban Outfitters are proposing them with various types in shapes, colors, and materials. The beanies were also the hottest in this last New York Fashion week. The beanies are perfect for many styles and if you can combine it them perfectly you could get a casual, modern and super trendy look. I am going to show you a different types of beanies which you could find in Urban Outfitters, brand that I consider have a lot of variety in this kind. So I would recommend it you to go and check it. They are the hottest in the city!

Following are the most trendy beanies you could find. Don’t think more! Go and get one I can assure you would look great and fashionable. let’s guys check this out!

33150178_020_a 33196551_003_a 33667031_001_a 32943961_086_a 32647935_004_a 32582934_001_a 32582181_030_a 32495798_004_a 32495582_001_a 32135568_004_a 32095101_040_a 31778079_070_a

Photo credit:

By Irochka


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