Swimsuits for vacations!!

Hi girls!!

Let’s continue talking about the summer vacations time for people who are going to travel to the beach or tropical cities. How I mentioned in my last post there are many people who lives in cities like New York, Paris Milan and in all around the world who loves fashion and they are waiting for the coldest season in the year, but also there are a lot of people who are already thinking go to the coasts and is possible they are currently looking for swimsuit fashion trends. So if you are those of these people you are in a correct site because today in Behind the LOOK we are bringing the hottest swim dress for vacations.

Exist many types of swimsuit styles you can use, with different shapes, colors, and prints. Nowadays the beach became a trendy place where you can see fashionable women and men wearing their beach clothes and which commonly are mixed with sunglasses, shorts, big hats and more. You can find swimsuit depends of what you want. They are people who find fashionable ones, or they are who prefer buy for comfortable advantages, so there are for all tastes. And of course you will find swimsuits with those both qualities and more.

Following I will give some ideas you can try for this time and could enjoy of an extraordinary holiday.









Photo credit: Vintagevirgin.tumblr.com, Soleiblue.com, Southbeachswimsuits.com

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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