Mercedes Benz Fashion-week!! D E S I G U A L

Hey everyone!

Behind The LOOK brings the latest trends in fashion. And at this time let’s put on the table trends from Spain and let’s talk about the last Madrid Mercedes Benz fashion-week in which many famous brands and fashion designers like Francis Montesinos, Roberto Verino, Devota&Lomba were protagonist with their collections, but in this post I selected a recognized Spanish brand with more than 29 years in the market and is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art, asymmetrical designs. Desigual has stores in many countries and became one of the most prized brands all around the world.

Following are the hottest Desigual outfits of Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion-week. Their traditional style with strong colors, geometrical forms, flower prints and textures are accessorized with purses, bracelets, bands, and sandals for making a classical Desigual prototype but still fun, youth and chic. And perfect for summer.




Photo credit:

By Irochka


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