Hi everyone!

In this post I am going to write a little bit of luxury.

The very word once meant “lust” of “lasciviousness”. Luxury has always been controversial and many influential thinkers believed luxury to be morally corrupting.

But a new belief developed in the 18th century that luxury could be a positive force contributing to the wealth of nations. Private vices, such as extravagance and vanity, could be public virtues because they provided work for countless artisans. Not everyone was convinced.

The model of luxury was aristocratic and artisanal. Even tough labor costs were low, many products were rare, difficult to obtain, or produced only in limited quantities.


Haute Couture, the luxury industry emerged during the era of high capitalism in the 19th century. Great couturiers as a Charles Frederick Worth became recognized as “artist of luxury”. As we know Charles Worth was the first fashion designer.

Luxury is often thought of as the best of the best, the rarest most expensive and most desirable objects. But luxury is a social construction that is constantly being redefined. Cashmere sweaters, cell phones and television were once considered luxury.

Everybody loves luxury and at this time we have the possibility to be part of this great world as we have the opportunity to get some products that are not the expensive ones but are part of the best brands all around the world.

Photo credit:, The Museum of FIT.

BY Irochka


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