Keep Your Makeup Dark But Simple This Fall

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.54.09 PM

As the leaves fall, and the weather gets cooler, you may be inclined to let your beauty game drop just a little, as the temptation of a bare face and sweats seem more appealing. But, when it comes to beauty tricks for the fall season, the recipe is simple: Let one feature stand alone, bold, intense and dark.

So pick a feature on your face to highlight; For eyes a smokey eye is always in trend, but to keep the trend fresh mix it up with other colors aside from black like a dark plum or hues of brown. When doing the smokey eye , make sure you keep the rest of your look to a minimum. Wear a nude lip, and dust your face with a little bronzer for maximum effect.

If however you want the attention on the lips, the rules go in reverse, so keep the eyes nude, but layer on that mascara girl! A quick trick for applying more layers is to dust the lashes with a little baby powder with a cotton bud. When it comes to lip colors this fall choose dark shades of red, plum and even purple. It is important to coat your lips with balm before beginning, and to make sure the lipstick actually stays on apply lip liner to the entire lip surface.

So ladies bat those smokey eyes, or pucker up with those gothic lips- just remember it can only be one or the other… unless of course its Halloween!

Photo Credit: POPSUGAR Beauty/ Twitter

By: Sally Turner @SallyTurnerNews


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