Hello ladies!

 All girls we know that is difficult to get the color that we would like to in autumn or winter, is kind of complicated. This upcoming season brings us wind and cold but why we cannot keep our color skin color or just to get the color we like. In this post I will give you some tricks to maintain or make your skin looks tan or rose. To wear an incredible color even-do we are getting in the coldest season of the year. Let’s leave rose tone helps us feel radiant.

The soft touch blush came as a powder and is a great pink color which will help you to create an tan effect on your skin. White girls should apply less than brown ones.

photo 1-34

The dream touch blush is a precious pink that it comes in cream texture is perfect if you want to revive your skin. Your skin looks brighter.

photo 2-37

Nothing better than apply a soft rose on your eyelids. Your eyes are going to show an innocent look and they will look rejuvenated.

photo 3-24

We cannot miss the illuminators which brings different types of tones that you can mix and will give you a beautiful illuminations. They also provide an unique color for your skin.

photo 4-15

And finally as a last retouch we have a brilliant rose lipstick.

photo 5-14

Photo credit: trendenciasbelleza

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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