Latest beauty trends!!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve been enjoying this weekend . And for this Sunday we have some beauty trends. We all women know that we want to feel beautiful every time and how is important to care about us and that’s why I am going to put on the table some of the latest trends on beauty with some makeup tips that will make your life easier and you will be more fashionable than anyone.

The Mai Couture brand has bring the evolutionary papers make-up which work as a lipstick, powders and illuminators especially for people who likes to travel. They look like a small book which would not take a lot of space in your bag and is perfect for trips.

photo 1-33

Hair chalks are the latest for your hair. Is the easiest way to put color on your hair. They are in many different fantasy colors, just need to slide your hand on your hair and that’s it and enjoy this permanent color until next wash.

photo 3-23

The England nailkale brand brought the latest on polish nails which contain vegetable “Kale”and brings vitamins C and E perfect for make your nails Stronger and durables.

photo 2-36

 “The Sunblock” is the latest on sun protection it comes as a papers and you just need to apply with Hummed skin after shower and the product contains rose and Cocoa butter to nourish the skin.

photo 4-14

the “blue lipstick” not gonna get you lips blue. I’ts just the name guys. The product will add a pigment layer on your lips and your teeth will looks whiter.

photo 5-13

“Sheer tints” are the latest in polish nails. Will make your nails looks with degrade style with a semi transparent liquid that brings within.


photo credit:

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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