Fall / Winter NYFW TRENDS!!

Hello Ladies

Behind The LOOK always brings you the latest in beauty and fashion trends. And today let’s speak about the hottest in Fall/winter trends for this upcoming season. New York’s weather is changing and it’s getting colder so let’s say good bye to the summer time and gives welcome to autumn. I consider this season one of the most creatives in order to make outfits, you really have choices to decide what to wear and combine with many different types of clothes and designs. Autumn is a season in which the weather let you use many layers of clothes to protect yourself. So it’s time to be creative and take your jackets, coats, shirts, skirts, hats, gloves, scarves out of your closet and start to make your own looks with some trend tips that I will give you on following.


Geometric mixed forms with vibrant colors were in furor in different clothing pieces like dresses, coats, shirts. Designers and brands like Chanel, Dries Van Noten and Bottega Benetta were pioneers of this trend.  

hbz-fw14-trends-graphic-02-Chanel-RF14-0216-lg    hbz-fw14-trends-graphic-05-Bottega-Veneta-RF14-0146-lg    1

For this season let’s start with color grey. Many designers and brands including Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Hermes proposed this color as a pattern on the runways NYFW.

hbz-fw14-trends-gray-06-Hermes-RF14-0977-lg   hbz-fw14-trends-gray-04-Valentino-RF14-1605-lg  hbz-fw14-trends-gray-03-Ralph-Lauren-RF14-2956-lg

Floral prints, metallic touches, fur, velvets, textures and any other materials were mixed on the looks. Giving a unique style. The most popular designers using this concept were Dolce and Gabbana, Dries Van Noten and Nina Ricci.

hbz-fw14-trends-romantic-floral-lace-06-Dolce-e-Gabb-RF14-4867-lg    hbz-fw14-trends-romantic-floral-lace-04-Van-Noten-RF14-1174-lg   hbz-fw14-trends-romantic-floral-lace-07-Nina-Ricci-RF14-1939-lg

We cannot pass the knitted clothes. This trend were one of the hottest in the last New York fashion week. Following are some of the designer’s collection who were proposing this trend. Including Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and ACNE Studios.

hbz-fw14-trends-knits-08-Acne-RF14-1414-lg    hbz-fw14-trends-knits-04-McCartney-RF14-0223-lg   hbz-fw14-trends-knits-06-Calvin-Klein-RF14-3378-lg

Fur as always is taking advange in this seasons bringing mixed colors and different types of fur. Prada, Tom Ford and coach were some of the designer who were proposing this trend. Coats are in furor for this season.

hbz-fw14-trends-fur-shearling-03-Prada-RF14-2506-lg     hbz-fw14-trends-fur-shearling-04-Tom-Ford-RF14-1780-lg   hbz-fw14-trends-fur-shearling-10-Coach-lg

Photo credit: Harpersbazaar.com

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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