Getting back to the TINY***

Hey everyone!!!

Girls today I bring you the latest on accessories trends. Over the years we have been using big or middle size purses with different types of shapes and materials. but now is time for mini hand bags. Fashion designers and the most hottest luxury brands like Gucci, Celine and Chanel proposed for this upcoming season the most cute accessories, is like a piece of jewelry. A mini version of hand bags with the best quality in design and materials. Those mini cross-body shoulder strap bags are perfect if you’re trying to look fashionable and vanguardist one step beyond, I assure this. Following are some examples of this master piece.

 photo 1-31

photo 2-34

photo 3-20

Girls let’s stop thinking if we need to get one. This is one of the pieces that are going to make our lives easier, it’s not a doubt. We all know that sometimes we get tired to those big purses, for example if we are thinking to go out, no just for party also if we want to go for a walk, watch a movie in the cinema or have a simple diner in a restaurant, we don’t need to carry big ones, let’s help ourselves! What is better than carry just a small bag in that cases? they are more practical than anything else they relieve back and shoulder stress brought on over packed bags and you need just to take your personal and crucial things like your wallet, cell phone, some make up and that’s it! Ready to go out feeling free and fashionista!



 Photo credit: thebakernotes, photo-bucket and Nicoleta

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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