The Hottest make-up tips for this season!!!

 Hey ladies!

Let’s bring to our table some beauty tips and let’s talk about Make-up. How we know, make-up is a practice to decor our skin or other visible body parts. Nowadays is so common to see women and some men using make up during the day and during the night depend of the occasion, but is evident that it has became more and more popular. And nothing wrong with that! If we have the possibility to take care of ourselves and feel more beautiful, why not keep using this products which have been developing so well that some of them brings natural substances which helps to care of our skin in different ways. So I’m gonna list some trends fall/winter 14/15 of make up which are in furor for this season. And give you girls some tips to use them and feel comfortable and beautiful.



For this upcoming season ladies metallics touches are the hottest! Designers and luxury brands like Donna Karan, Emporio Armani and Libertine were proposing these tones on the runways. Let’s take the risk and try to use it. Is better if we choose the color thinking in the outfit that you are going to wear and making a good match.

hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-metallic-touches-02-Donna-Karan-bks-A-RF14-2521-lg       hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-metallic-touches-03-Emporio-Armani-bks-Z-RF14-8522-lg      hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-metallic-touches-04-Libertine-bks-M-RF14-9786-lg


If you want to show a deep look nothing better than a line, is going to define your eyes and highlight your color. This type of make up is good if you will be exposed to cameras they definitely are going to put your eyes into the lens. Tom Ford, Missoni and Marc Jacobs were the protagonists in this NYFW 14/15 with this type of make-up.

 hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-heavy-liner-02-Tom-Ford-clp-RF14-6096-lg     hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-heavy-liner-04-Marc-clp-RF14-8424-lg     hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-heavy-liner-03-Missoni-clp-RF14-7443-lg


Everything could miss less eye lashes make-up. This is one of the most important make-up. They are gonna let you look awake. This great make up gives a sense that your eyes are well place and focused, makes your eyes looks bigger and they are good for any occasion.

 hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-mega-lashes-02-Versace-bks-D-RF14-9326-lg     hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-mega-lashes-01-Gucci-bks-Z-RF14-5232-lg      hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-mega-lashes-03-Prada-bks-A-RF14-6394-lg


Ladies for this upcoming season let’s give the opportunity to natural tones for your lips. They were the hottest on this last New York fashion week 14/15. And there is nothing more sexy than be natural. We also can mix it with a glitter looks provocative and makes your lips looks bigger.

 hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-flawless-skin-02-McCartney-bks-D-RF14-5206-lg     hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-fresh-faces-04-Jason-Wu-bks-A-RF14-3861-lg     hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-flawless-skin-01-Marant-clp-RF14-9200-lg

Photo credit: Shelookbook and Harpersbazaar

By Irochka @irinitacaramba


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