Style your outfit with HATS!!

We cannot miss the headwear for this upcoming season. One of the most feminine accessories that can spice your look. There are many different kind of hats for any occasion the secret is know how to combine them and get a great look while also are protecting you of the weather. I am going to list different types of hats.

Knitted hats

This type of hat is one of the tops of fashion designers with different knitted and colors. There are part of fall/winter 2014/2015 trends. Giving a great simple look. Making you modern relaxed and fashion.



Continuing with more options to style your look here are some caps with different colors materials and shapes. Sporty casual women loves them. Nowadays the caps are becoming super trendy and can create fashionable looks as well as you can use for protection.



Let’s pass to the berets here is this style for any women who wants to feel with french elegance and charm. There are in different colors. This type of hat are chic and glam. You are never gonna be lost with one of them. For this upcoming season this hat is recommendable for the New York streets.


Fur hats

The best choice for this december. What better than a fur hat for winter? Nothing! it looks gorgeous. Luxury brands and designers are proposing those hats with variations in colors, sizes and shapes. There is nothing more adjustable for winter than this fur hats. There are beautiful, warm, comfy and feminine.


Classic hats

This hat never gonna be out of fashion. You look modern and vanguardist with one of them. Fashion trends brought us an enormous variety with different shapes and styles. The secret is choose one according to your face shape.


Photo credit: and fashioners.

by Irochka @irinitacaramba


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