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Here is one of the best styling books that I’ve ever read and I would like to recommend you. “STYLE A TO ZOE” dedicated to women who like the art of fashion, beauty and everything glamour written by the one of the most famous Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, who has been style the tops of Hollywood like Demi Moore, Jennifer Garden, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz and more. And which book is in collaboration with Nina Garcia and Rose Apodaca, fashion director of Elle magazine. Is a great guide for personal style how Rachel’s describe.


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After I read the book I feel more secure with my clothes, sometimes we think that is not enough everything that we have in the closet but Rachel gives some tips for choosing correct options in our wardrobe and make a perfect combination for the outfit. Without thinking that we need to buy something right away, for example when we don’t have time and we have to get dressed in less than an hour. Furthermore she gives tips when is time for shopping and tell us some tricks for buy clothes and accessories, which are going to match with everything and we don’t need to waste money.

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Following are some comments about Rachel Zoe as a stylist:

“ Rachel understands that everyone wants to look chic and alluring, to look real even if it’s in an utterly glamorous way. She really knows how to play with juxtaposition of eras, of accessories, of proportions in a way that brings out personal style and looks like it’s so effortless.”

 -Michael Kors, designer.

“Arguably the most high-profile stylist in the game gives aspiring fashionistas advice culled from years of dressing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.”


“ The celebrity stylist delivers every conceivable tip she’s bestowed on clients such as Mischa Barton, Cameron Diaz, and Salma Hayek.”

 – Las Vegas Review – Journal

by Irochka @irinitacaramba


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