5 tips to take care of your nail polish!!!

Hey everyone!!! Today I will give you 5 tips to take care of your nail polish

Group of bright nail polishes isolated on white

photo credits: shutterstock

1. Apply diluent to your nail polish

 Everyone knows that after being open for the first time, most of the polish nails became thiner and sticky because of their chemical ingredients clump together and make the application more difficult. Fortunately already exists some special drops called thinner which help the polish nail make it fluid. Avoid to use acetone It can makes them lose the formula paint.

2. Save them unemployed, never lying 

When you let the polish nails laying, the paint will rest horizontally and probably the paint will spill and dries in the bottle neck and makes difficult to open.

3. Store them in a dry, dark place

 One of the best places to save them are in our closet or in the drawers they will kept away from light and with constant temperature.


photo credit: shutterstock

4. Don’t store them in the refrigerator or bathroom

 Is not the best idea! You could find some of this tips in the magazines or some websites to store them in the refrigerator or bathrooms but I prefer not recommended this because they will be exposed to drastic changes of temperature. Use the bathroom requires water and the humidity don’t let them dry.

 5. Clean the neck bottle after each use 

After each use clean the bottle neck with a cotton and acetone to remove paint residues.  It won’t let the paint stick to the bottle and the next time will be easier open it.

by Irochka


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