Accessories or Excessories…

Hey everyone!

This morning I woke up feeling like the fashionista I am but everybody has moods right? So I wanted to go out from my house with a great look but I felt kind of physically tired, happens sometimes! And sometimes you don’t feel the energy to think about what you are going to dress. But you are still a woman and all of us wants to feel beautiful everyday. So more to the point, in that kind of cases the best solution is accessories you! Accessories are one of the most important part in an outfit and if you don’t believe it accessories could tell a lot about you. So during these days… don’t feel pressure! Wear basic pants or jeans and combine it with some nice sweater or blouse that you know looks good. For simple looks, accessories are the best option girls! Here are some accessories that can change your look…

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Photo credit: Kevin Sweeney

So now that we all know what is the secret to style an outfit let’s listed some of the most important accessories you can use. To start, let’s bring to the table a good handbag or a clutch, depends on the occasion. It has not to be most expensive one is not about the price is all about how it looks! It has to show quality and it’s not just for handbags is for all accessories. Try to wear one with the same style of your clothes and take risks, you can contrast as well. Handbags are important because they are useful and beautiful and they are gonna give you some confident, you have your private and important things within it, so carry one. Let’s pass to the shoes. Shoes for me are one of the most important pieces. they are gonna show who you are, try to use clean ones and in a good shape. And to finish the style your outfit mix it with earrings, neck less, sunglasses, belts, rings, watch and bracelets of your preferences, but take care with this last point we don’t want you to look excessories! Sometimes less is more.

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         details-details-9_520x520_73                   ed6a8349               details-details-7_610x464_87

Photo credit: Kevin Sweeney and Hannan Saleh

by Irochka @irinitacaramba


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